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Access Your Inner Wisdom Counselling

There are times when you may need personal attention in a one-to-one setting. The pace needs to be tailored to fit your unique needs.

With 1Source Health & Wellbeing Inc. Counsellors the focus is on allowing your inner wisdom to enrich your personal growth and help you heal in a way that is best for you.

Everyone has times when they feel anxious, fearful, tense or angry and cannot seem to break loose from it.

You may be experiencing an undesirable habit which seems to control you. You may not like your behaviour, but it seems to take over in certain situations or around certain people.

Your mind may be returning again and again to a scene in your mind which upsets or disturbs you. You may be angry at yourself or another person, you may be experiencing dis-ease or getting hints in your life that something needs to change.

You may need insight from Inner Wisdom on how to see things differently. You may get caught up in a scenario or perspective that you know is destructive or unhealthy. In times like these it is helpful to work with us, we are Trained and Experienced Counsellors, who can help you to reach your Highest Source of Wisdom within you. We can help you gain insight into this situation so you can see it from a higher perspective.

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling

How 1Source Health & Wellbeing Inc. Counselling can help:

The 1Source Health & Wellbeing Inc. Counsellors have Established Programs that set the stage for you to take a look at unconscious thought clusters which may be behind the discomfort you are experiencing. After this is brought fully into your conscious awareness, we will help you get back in touch with your inner peace.

This opens the door to let through the knowledge of your Higher Wisdom to help you see the reality surrounding the lack of peace manifesting as fear, tension, anxiety, depression or grief.

With the help of your Higher Wisdom your perception is healed. You are able to see clearly again, You are able to break through the self-created barriers and take an important step in your awakening process.

In the 1Source Health & Wellbeing Inc. Counselling Session you are helped at your own pace to discover your Inner Wisdom in the most loving and accepting way possible. You are guided to tap your Inner resources and open your channels of inner communication.

As part of this counselling you will receive an Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling Sheet. This provides a record of your goal for the session, what thoughts that may be blocking your achieving your goals, and your insight received from your Higher Wisdom. This Wisdom will help you see this area of your life with greater levels of awareness.

Our counselling services provide services in the following areas:

♦ Relationship Rescue

♦ Spiritual Based Healing

♦ Unconscious Correction to Love

♦ Pathway of Light® Self Development Courses

♦ Pathways of Light® Ministerial Training Programs

♦ Pathways of Light® Workshop Group Programs – Spiritual Awakening, Healing Inner Child, Creating a Spiritual Relationship (for couples – Removing the Blocks) and Pathways of Light® Counsellor Training and Accreditation.

♦ Pathways of Light® Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling – New and Advanced Counselling Systems that really do work for you!

♦ Depression Counselling for Lasting Change

♦ Anxiety Counselling for Positive Change

♦ Grief Counselling – recovering from the loss

♦ Miscarriage Breakdown or Abortion Loss – support and nurturing counselling

♦ Recovery from Sexual Assault, Abuse and Trauma Counselling – removing the fear

♦ Bullying and Youth Personal Development – Magic Tools for Life & Angels Goal School and Family Support

♦ Post Traumatic Stress – finding permanent relief from the symptoms

♦ One-on-One Personal Counselling – rooms, or ask about a home visit.

♦ Couple and Family Personal Counselling

♦ Linking in the Communities with families, extended family, teachers and other interested community members with group healing consultations with minimum of two therapists at each community/family gathering.

♦ Online Video Counselling with Skype and Google+ Hangouts throughout Australia and World wide

♦ Phone and Teleconference Counselling throughout Australia and World Wide.

♦ Youth Counselling and Community Support

Our Accessing Inner Wisdom Counsellors:

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