ACNC Registered Charity

What is 1Source Health & Well-being Incorporated About?

1Source is a group of dedicated, holistic professional people who believe true change is achieved through working with, and incorporating, the spirit, mind and body. As a team of counsellors, social workers, ministers, and assorted business professionals we originate from diverse backgrounds, experiences and belief systems.

Thus the wisdom and understanding we have gained both professionally and personally, have influenced the creation of a practice which is founded in a spirit of love and respect for self, each other, and you, working towards establishing

‘Happiness, Love and Connection’.

Why use 1Source?

It is our intention to provide a service that will enable personal change, creating opportunities that will inspire you to achieve your true potential. Whether you are an individual in need of some support, or an organisation looking for some team development, connecting with us can only be a positive step. We will help you to brainstorm what you need and to pull the resources together to make it happen. Call us and start chatting now!

What types of Service do we provide?

As a Not-for-Profit Organisation we provide services that are mainly to meet needs of people in the community who are experiencing poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness to such a degree as to arouse pity or compassion in the community.

How do we provide services?

By accessing available funding, and through generous donation, we provide counselling services, community workshops, education and training opportunities, service needs identification and referral, and organisation training for groups, individuals, and organisations with a focus on health and wellbeing, self awareness and self empowerment, to alleviate the affects and symptoms of helplessness, alcoholism, gambling addiction, homelessness, and community re-integration for individuals who have disability, acquired brain injury, diagnosed mental illness, homelessness, newly discharged prisoners, and otherwise identified as a need within our community.

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